Patent # US 7736423

New multi-functional energy saving roof coating based on green nano-technology


  • Patented formula that permanently prevents mold and mildew on the paint film
  • Superior heat-deflection properties (up to 90%)
  • Energy savings by reducing the thermal load
  • Extremely durable, water-repellent, vapor-permeable
  • Formulated with microsphere technology

Keep your roof safe from UV radiation and weathering

Roof coatings are subject to special conditions and must provide a durable protection against extreme temperatures, UV radiation, rainfall, moisture, snow, frost as well as industrial exhaust gases and dirt build-up. Bioni Roof is a coating of the highest quality and thanks to its multi-functionality and high degree of durability it ensures long-lasting protection against the effects of the environment and weathering.

In order to permanently prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and moss on the paint surface, Bioni Roof features a green nano-technology formula combined with optimum moisture-regulating properties. This ensures that the microbial prevention lasts the life of the paint.

Recommended Use:

Bioni Roof is ideal for roofs with an inclination of at least 5%. Protects roofing materials that include clay tiles, concrete tiles, artificial slate tiles, corrugated iron, and wood against UV, weather and moisture damage.

Download – TDS

Download – MSDS


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