Patent # US 7736423

New multi-functional paint for interiors based on green nano-technology


  • Patented formula that permanently prevents mold and mildew on the paint film
  • Non-toxic, no odor, Zero VOC, breathability
  • First truly washable matte finish
  • Extremely durable, recommended for all interior areas
  • A solution for high moisture areas e.g. bathrooms and kitchens

Bioni Nature represents a quantum leap in the field of paints and coatings. Based on the latest knowledge from the field of nanotechnology, Bioni has succeeded in developing a unique multi-functional interior paint exceeding the highest expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

Bioni paint was developed jointly with the Fraunhofer Institute, which is one of the world’s largest scientific Institutes. These developments led to the unique, world patented, Green nano-formula within Bioni paint that allows for superior moisture regulating properties. This unique formula affects the painted surface which creates a hostile environment for microorganisms trying to inhabit the surface.

Bioni Nature provides unmatched performance and durability along with permanent prevention of mold, mildew and other unwanted microbes on the paint film. This is all accomplished…

– without affecting indoor air quality

– without toxic chemicals

– without sacrificing good looks

Recommended Use:

Nature is Ideal for all types of interiors, which includes residential homes, hotels, resorts & commercial buildings.

Nature is recommended for use in high-traffic areas where durability is a necessity.

Nature is an excellent choice for children’s rooms, schools, retirement homes and other environments for people with high sensitivity to allergens, odors and toxins.

Nature is also ideal for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, gyms, laundry-rooms and basement-areas.

Download – TDS

Download – MSDS


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