Patent # US 7736423

The first clinical interior coating with unmatched performance and benefits


  • Proven 5-log (99.999%) reduction of bacteria (MRSA, etc.) on the paint film for the life of the coating
  • Extreme durability saves cost through less repaints
  • Exceeds indoor air quality regulations
  • Odor-free, low VOC formula allows for application in occupied areas, which means less downtime
  • Washable matte finish allows for superior hiding and easy cleanup

Hygienic is the ideal product for areas with tough service environments such as health care facilities. The new Green Nano formula permanently prevents the growth of micro-organisms on the paint film even in high moisture environments.

Hygienic is a completely green product that has superior durability when compared to other paints. Additionally Hygienic provides an outstanding resistance against water, cleaning, and disinfectants. This superior GreenNano formula reduces the frequency of repaints significantly and prevents the regular need for costly and time-consuming maintenance.

A premium product for highest expectations

By virtue of Bioni’s green nano-technology Hygienic exceeds indoor air quality regulations measured in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC <5g/l), is environmentally safe and significantly cuts costs for maintenance and repaints.


  • Permanently prevents mold, mildew and other unwanted microbes on the paint film*
  • Exceeds indoor air quality regulations measured in VOC (<5 g/l)
  • Is odor-free – can be applied in occupied areas
  • Is environmentally safe to apply
  • Is eco-friendly. Can earn LEED credits
  • Highest Fire Rating: Class A (ASTM E84) 0 (0-25) on flame spread, 5 (0-450) on smoke development
  • Is highly durable – the first truly washable matte finish
  • Excellent crack bridging
  • Highly resistant to cleaners and disinfectants (independently test with commonly used cleaners within healthcare)
  • Has superior flow, hiding and adhesion qualities
  • Moisture-resistant & vapor-permeability provides excellent breathability
  • Comes in white and 1750 colors

Recommended Use

Hygienic is ideal for tough service environments such as hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, day care centers and rehabilitation centers.

Bioni Hygienic is an excellent choice for areas that require better air quality, extreme durability and where a superior protection of the paint film against unwanted micro-organisms is needed.

*Bioni Hygienic provides anti-microbial properties to prevent microbes on the paint film only. The anti-microbial properties do not protect users or others against bacteria, germs or mold spores and do not substitute hygiene measurements and practices.

Download – TDS

Download – MSDS


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