Patent # US 7736423

The first solution for food & beverage processing facilities walls & ceilings


  • Permanent protection against microbes for the life of the coating
  • 100% Listeria, E. Coli, other, on the coating film
  • Proven Log-5 (99.999%) reduction of drug resistant bacteria on the coating film (MRSA, etc.)
  • Cost savings through less repaints and extensive time consuming cleanups
  • No leaching toxins, helps to protect your environment
  • can be used in high moisture problem areas
  • US patented technology offers you a first time solution for the food and beverage industry
  • Can earn LEED credits



We ask a simple question. Have you ever seen a coating that can completely fix and prevent the problems seen in the video below?  Bioni System can fix and permanently prevent these problems and make your facility look brand new without having to rebuild it.

Bioni wall & ceiling System is the first solution for food & beverage processing that really works

Mold and bacteria in all areas of food production is a significant hygienic problem. Cleaning and remediation is often extremely expensive. A thorough cleaning of equipment, conveyor belts, and surfaces will only partially solve these problems. Difficult areas to clean, such as ceilings and walls, add to the problem. The heightened growth of micro-organisms increased by humidity created in the cleaning process results in the need for constant maintenance and loss of production.

Bioni System is the first nano-technology based coating system specifically designed and perfectly matched for the requirements of the food industry. Bioni coatings were developed jointly with the Fraunhofer Institute, which is one of the world’s largest scientific Institutes. These developments led to the unique, US patented, nano-protection mechanism, which provides an eco-friendly long-term protection against the colonization of mold, mildew, and bacteria even in very damp environments.

Bioni Wall Coating System – Unmatched Green Performance

By virtue of Boni’s green nano-technology product philosophy, Bioni System exceeds indoor air quality regulations measured in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), is environmentally safe and significantly cuts costs for maintenance and repaints.

A premium system for the highest expectations

Bioni System is free of conventional toxic biocides, odor-free and water-based. Therefore it’s safe to use in food and beverage handling environments. Additionally it provides an outstanding resistance against water, cleaning, and disinfectants. This superior robustness reduces the frequency of repaints significantly and prevents the regular need for costly, time-consuming maintenance.



  • Specially formulated based on nano-technology to prevent growth of microbes on the coating film*
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and disinfectants
  • Performs in high-moisture areas
  • Moisture-resistant and vapor-permeable
  • Exceeds indoor air quality regulations
  • Eco-friendly low VOC formula for environmental safety
  • Odor-free – can be applied in occupied areas – less down time
  • Resists the wear and tear of power washing
  • Highest Class A fire rating 0 flame spread, 5 smoke development (per ASTM E84).
  • No drip-off, No fume development
  • Water-based, free of solvents and safe to use
  • Has superior flow, hiding and adhesion qualities
  • Tested by independent laboratories

The System explained

The Bioni System Food for walls and ceilings has been specially developed for most demanding areas and substrates. The unique 3-coat system consists of a 2-component Mineral Sealer and a nano-technology based Top Coat. As the system can be applied directly over mold in badly affected areas, power-washing, disinfection of the substrate, and even the removal of contaminated layers are not needed when you choose the Bioni coating system.

(1) Mold affected wall
Very often mold contamination of building materials is only partially visible. Spores and mold biomass are also in deeper layers of the substrate.

(2) Application of Bioni System Base Coat
After mechanical scrubbing, the Bioni System Base Coat can be applied directly on the mold affected substrate. No disinfection & no power-washing is needed. Visible mold & mildew on the substrate can be over-coated.

(3) The alcalinity (pH >11) of the Sealer impacts the mold on the substrate.

(4) Application of Bioni Systems Top Coat
A fter 24 hrs t he Bioni System base coat can be coated with the Top Coat.

(5) Bioni System Provides a durable protection against mold and mildew in both directions. It guarantees that mold biomass in the substrate will not permeate the Bioni System from behind and (6) delivers a long-term protection against mold spores coming from the interior of the room.

Please ask us about our approved system partners for application

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Call us at 941-926-5881

*Bioni System Food provides anti-microbial properties to prevent the growth of microbes on the coating film only. The anti-microbial properties do not protect food, beverages, users or others against bacteria, germs or mold spores and do not substitute hygiene measurements and practices.


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